Thin Slizzy: The Collingwood Pizza That’s Got More Bite Than Mick Jagger

Thin Slizzy
Thin Slizzy

Let me tell you about the Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar. It’s a bloody good joint! I stumbled in there the other night after a long day of flying, and I was looking for some good grub and a cold one to wash it down with. And boy, did they deliver!

The atmosphere at Thin Slizzy was electric! It was packed with people having a good time, and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered myself a Melbourne Bitter, and that’s when I met Scotty, the owner. He was a top bloke! We got to chatting, and he told me all about the neighborhood of Collingwood.

MEATALLICA – Thin Slizzy
MEATALLICA – Thin Slizzy

Apparently, it used to be a bit of a rough place back in the day, but it’s been gentrified over the years. These days, it’s full of hipsters and young professionals, but it still retains some of its edgy charm. There are some great street art and graffiti around, and the local music scene is thriving.

Thin Slizzy Pizza

But let’s get back to the pizza. I ordered two of them because I was starving, and they were both bloody delicious! The MEATALLICA was loaded with all sorts of meaty goodness, and the NAPOLETANA had just the right amount of salty tanginess from the anchovies and olives. And the crust? It was thin and crispy, just the way I like it. Biting into Thin Slizzy it really shows her lack of curves. F*cking delicious.

NAPOLETANA – Thin Slizzy

Now, I have to admit, after a few more Melbourne Bitters, my imaginary monkey friend decided to make an appearance. He was a cheeky bugger, kept trying to steal my pizza! But the staff didn’t seem to mind. They even offered him a slice, which he promptly scarfed down. We all had a good laugh, and it made for a memorable night.

Overall, I’d say Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar is definitely worth a visit. The food is top-notch, the staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is lively. And if you happen to have an imaginary monkey friend, bring them along too!

Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar
115 Johnston St Collingwood VIC 3066

Broken Pieces…

Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces – Photo by Roman on Unsplash

Today we’re taking flight with a poetic masterpiece that will leave you breathless – Broken Pieces.

This heart-wrenching poem tells the story of a love triangle gone wrong, as Jane finds her heart shattered into a million pieces by a heartless love interest. But don’t be fooled by the title – Broken Pieces is not just a tale of sorrow and despair. It’s a witty and exciting journey that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure. So fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight, as we take a turbulent ride through the ups and downs of love and heartbreak.

This poem is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to face the broken pieces, the reward is a journey through the depths of human emotion and the triumph of the human spirit. Are you ready to take the plunge? Then let’s soar into the wild blue yonder together!

Broken Pieces

Up in the sky, flying high with my monkey friend
Over the beautiful island of Tahiti we pretend

We used to sit on the bench of my village school
You’d tell me, Jane, ‘you’re beautiful,’ oh so cool

You always took care of me
I was proud to be with you, you see

But then one day a new girl came to school
You looked at her like a fool

You rented out your heart and didn’t pay the rent
Ignored all the signals I sent

It was as if you’d never seen a girl before
With her curves and curls, she showed such attitude and more

You made her your destiny
I’m no lawyer, so I couldn’t fight for me

You broke my heart into tiny pieces
I don’t like these kinds of heartless species


Ah, broken pieces. How fascinating they are. Like a shattered mirror, each fragment reveals a distorted reflection of the whole. But if we focus too much on the pieces, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture. Perhaps it is not the heart that is broken, but our perception of love that is shattered into a million fragments. And just like with a broken mirror, we have the power to pick up the pieces and create a new, more beautiful image. So let us not lament over the broken pieces, but instead embrace the opportunity to create something new and magnificent.

Pilot’s Wife Reveals How OpenAI is Revolutionizing the World

Pilots Wife Reveals
Pilot’s Wife Reveals – Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

I’m a bit of a wild card, I’ll admit it. I’m the wife of a drunk pilot who has an imaginary monkey that only comes out when he drinks. And let me tell you, I have some serious anger issues with that monkey. But despite my feelings towards Jimmy, I have to admit that there’s something big brewing in the world of technology and I want to be known as the pilot wife who reveals OpenAI and its creation, ChatGPT.

Here’s why I believe that ChatGPT and OpenAI are going to change the world as we know it in 2023:

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is a remarkable creation, an AI-powered language model that can answer any question and provide valuable information. It’s already being used in various industries, from customer service to finance, and I have no doubt that its reach will only continue to grow.

Revolutionizing the Way We Communicate

ChatGPT’s ability to understand and respond to natural language is going to revolutionize the way we communicate. It’s already making our lives easier by providing quick and accurate answers, but I believe that its potential goes far beyond that. ChatGPT has the potential to bring people from all over the world together and make information more accessible to everyone.

Pilot’s Wife Reveals: Transforming Industries

ChatGPT is going to transform the way we work and do business. Its ability to understand and analyze data is going to change the way industries operate, from finance to healthcare. I believe that ChatGPT is going to create new jobs and opportunities, and make our lives easier and more efficient.

The Future of Education

ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn. Imagine being able to ask questions and receive answers in real-time, no matter where you are in the world. It’s going to make education more accessible and open up a world of new possibilities for students everywhere.

Pilot’s Wife Reveals Wild Past

And as for me, well, I have a bit of a wild history. I used to be a stunt pilot, performing death-defying tricks in the air. But after a near-fatal accident, I hung up my goggles and settled down with my pilot husband. And now, I’m on a mission to take down that pesky monkey who’s always causing trouble when my husband drinks.

So there you have it, folks. These are just a few of the ways that I believe ChatGPT and OpenAI are going to change the world as we know it in 2023. Of course, this is just the opinion of a woman with a bit of a wild past and a chip on her shoulder, but I have a feeling that the future is going to be a wild and exciting ride.

So sit back, grab a drink, and join me on this journey to see how ChatGPT and OpenAI are going to change the world as we know it. I guarantee that it will be a wild and revolutionary journey!

Love ya’ll – Drunk Pilot Wife reveals…